TVie Internet Set-top Box

TVie Internet Set-top Box (The New Invention of Myanmar Net)

You can access the internet with Myanmar Net TVie (Internet Set-top Box) and connect to the TV or monitor via HDMI cable. You can also watch TV entertainment programs such as Myanmar Cast & CANAL+. In addition to the built-in Youtube and Facebook Watch apps, you can also browse and download your favorite Android apps from the Google Play Store. Singing enthusiasts can also set up a microphone and sing karaoke.

TV – Watch on TV, Monitors (or) mobiles

Internet – Unlimited Internet Access

Entertainment – Enjoy watching Movies, Series & variety of Entertainment programs and Singing Karaoke

TVie Installation fee

  • Free (during the promotion period)

TVie Monthly fee

  • 24,000 Kyats and above Myanmar Net Plans – Free
  • 20,000 Kyats and below Myanmar Net Plans – 2,000 Kyats (Free Speed ​​1 Mbps)

Products that can be purchased in conjunction with Tvie

  • Microphone – 8,000 Kyats
  • Monitor (21 inches) – 18 months installment with 11,000 Kyats monthly (10,000 Kyats deposit)
  • Speaker – 17,000 Kyats
  • UPS (6 months warranty) – 18 months installment with 9,000 Kyats monthly (10,000 Kyats deposit)

User Guides

Myanmar Cast

In addition to LIVE TV Channel shows on Myanmar Cast, International series, new Myanmar series, Myanmar films and videos, MTV songs etc choose from a variety of international news and exciting entertainment in one place.

Watch and Feel  Myanmar Cast Gold Star Programs

Free LIVE TV programs; the films, videos and musics  In addition to TV entertainment programs. Currently you can buy Myanmar Cast’s new Star Packs for watch many special selection films,l videos and series.

⭐ Myanmar Cast 1 Star Pack

Officially screened by the Myanmar Motion Picture Organization and film production companies, the world’s largest Myanmar film bank, “Maha”, which has the largest number of Myanmar films, produces high-quality films, Videos and the series will be presented.

  • 1 day – 399 kyats
  • 5 days – 1,399 kyats
  • 30 days – 3,999 kyats

(Free for 26,000 Kyats and above plans users)

⭐⭐ Myanmar Cast 2 Star Pack

A special selection of films, videos and musics selected by Myanmar Cast. There will be presented TV entertainment programs and news.

  • 1 day – 100 kyats 
  • 5 days – 300 kyats 
  • 30 days  -1,000 kyats

Myanmar Net users can subscribe to TVie and watch Myanmar Cat Star Pack programs not only on their mobile phones but also on your TV.

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1. What is TVie?
TVie is a unique combination of Internet Gateway and traditional Set-top Box. So, you will get access to the internet and varieties of movies, series, entertainment programs of Myanmar Cast and CANAL+. You can even sing of Youtube song with Microphone plugging at TVie.

2. No icons displaying at the home page
The TV OS does not have internet access. It takes up to 3 minutes for TV OS to be able to acquire internet access. Press the remote’s home button to refresh the internet status. If the problem still persists, please contact the network engineer.

3. YouTube Installing
Please click the YouTube icon to download YouTube manually.

4. Using external Hard Disc
Please plug in external Hard Disc before powering up the device. Plug in after power on will cause the device to reboot. After power restart, the device will be recognized by the device.

5. Using USB ports
There are two USB ports and they will support only 0.7A each. Over draining current may damage the board or the port will be suspended. If the port is suspended, please reboot the device.

6. Analog Sound output volume doubled after unplugging the HDMI cable
Unplugging the HDMI cable will double the analog sound signal line (earphone jack). This is normal since the sound signal is shared between HDMI and Analog.

7. Loud pitching noise
Both “On Board MIC” and “On Board Speaker” are turned on. While using on board speaker for sound output, please use external MIC. Turning on both “On Board MIC” and “On Board Speaker” will cause echo loop. If this happen, please reboot the device.

8. MIC enable and on-board speaker enable reset after reboot
After reboot the MIC and speaker conditions will be reset to default settings. Please set the desire conditions in the setting after reboot.

9. Using USB external MIC
Enable MIC function first before plugging USB external MIC. It will take about 30 seconds for the USB external MIC to be recognized by the device.

10. No internet after sleep
Idling over long period will cause the TVie to go into sleep mode. Idling for more than 6 hours will cause the network adapters to be disabled. Please use the restart feature in the setting menu or reboot the device.