Pristine Global Finance And MoMo Ventures Finance Company Limited

Exclusive loan for Myanmar Net monthly plan customers

Loan Duration and Monthly Repayment Amount

Monthly repayment amount will be included in monthly billing.

Service Fees

  • Door to door bill collection – 500 Ks
  • Paying at Myanmar Net Stores – 300 Ks

To apply and disburse loan

This loan is sperately provided by Pristine Global Finance Company Limited (License No. NBFI/FC-05/11/2016) and MoMo Ventures Finance Company Limited (License No. NBFI/FC-11/11/2017).

1. To apply loan, you need to be a Myanmar Net postpaid user.  For those who meet the specified standards, user can apply for loan 200,000 Ks or 250,000 Ks or 300,000 Ks or 400,000 Ks or 600,000 Ks or 800,000 Ks or 900,000 Ks or 1,200,000 Ks through the Myanmar Net Application.

2. The applicant can check details; amount to be received, monthly Interest rate, repayment schedule details in the Myanmar Net Application. Before applying for a loan, the applicant needs to read the “Terms and Conditions” carefully in the Myanmar Net Application.

3. Original NRC Card Images (Front & Back) and Household Registration are needed to apply. If necessary, Myanmar Net will request the required documents again.

4. After the loan application is approved, the applicant will receive a confirmation letter.

1.Myanmar Net will inform the date and place to receive loan.

2. Please disburse loan before the approved loan expire date. You can check detail in the Myanmar Net Application. 

3. When applying for a loan, the applicant need to bring original NRC Card  and Household Registration.